The Ultimate Guide: How to Protect Your Home From Water Damage

If you are not alert to water problems in your house you won’t be able to save it from damage and costly repairs. Here is a guide to protect your property before it is too late but before we begin to buy this ratchet set which will be handy in your repairs.

  1. When the basement flooring waterproof wears out water seeps in; by painting the troubled areas you can prevent water seepage.
  2. Ensure that the water after a heavy rain is not flowing towards the building but away from it or the water will seep into the cracks and find entry into the foundation.
  3. Leakage of sewage to is another concern that must be addressed. Install a backwater valve to allow sewage to go out and not come into the house.
  4. Check all the hoses that are connected to your appliances like washing machines, dishwasher, water heaters etc. replace all that have cracks. A leak monitoring system will be advantageous in this situation.
  5. Usually, over time, the sealing around tubs and showers gives way. Ensure that you inspect this area regularly and reseal whenever necessary.
  6. When you have to travel ensure that you close all the water supply to all appliances. In fact, you can shut the main water valve off itself to prevent any sudden surprises on your return.
  7. It is a good idea to install pressure valves in your pipes to protect your pipes from bursting in winter when the pressure exerted by frozen water is more.
  8. Make sure your roof is intact and there are no shingles missing. Make all necessary repairs before the rainy season. You must remove debris collected in downspouts to prevent water accumulation. Gutter guards ensure that the gutters don’t get clogged and the roof is free of stagnant water.
  9. Invest in waterproof bins and store all your belongings in the basement in them to prevent damage from sudden leakages. You can also keep things off the floor in the top racks.

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