The Best Solutions to Get Rid of Pigeons (Naturally and Fast)

Pigeons are lovely creatures. They are next to doves and stands for peace. It is a joy to watch them all gather as a group when the feed is spread and take off together as a flock when you shoo one away. However, everything has a dark side to it.

Many people complain regarding pigeon trouble. These birds poop and make the place dirty and most importantly these are known to be dangerous to man as well. For instance, pigeon feathers can choke you or pigeon poop can spread dangerous infectious diseases. Hence, it is necessary that you keep your surroundings clean from pigeon infestation.

Here are some natural ways by which you can get rid of pigeons naturally and fast.

  1. It is believed that tying CD discs or anything that is shiny and glares from far in the places where pigeons are expected to perch on will keep the birds away. You can also try installing mirrors or wind chimes to scare the pigeons.
  2. You can also install spikes on the places where pigeons are seen to sit. Pigeons and other birds are less likely to sit on pointy areas.
  3. Further, you can bring about some changes to the places where pigeons perch more frequently. For instance, make the place more slippery and less comfortable for them to stay.
  4. Additionally, you can completely seal off all the places where you think there is an easy opening for the pigeons to enter inside. For instance, seal off all air holes, vents, and open gaps using thermocol, nets, or any other sealant

If these methods do not work for you and if you are seeking more professional help to get rid of the pigeons in your area, then consult a pigeon deterrent company before it is too late.

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