The Best Home-Prepared Food Recipes For Your Cat

Like you, your cat also needs to eat healthy and home cooked food. The factory produces may not be the best for their health. The good news, however, is that you can try out these simple home cooked food which is healthy and also easy to prepare.

Start with the basics

You may want to surprise your little cat with a beautiful best cat beds treat. And if you are planning to treat her then make sure that you know what to include and what to avoid in your kitty’s diet. Cats do not like chocolates so do not include them in the platter. They are not going to get tempted.

Chocolates, in fact, start to aggravate their stomach. Also make sure that you prepare a meal that does not contain onion, garlic, raisins, tomatoes, grapes and raw egg whites. Your kitty does not have a taste for them.

The most important thing in your cat’s diet is animal protein. Your cat will not be able to survive on vegan food so make sure to offer it some animal protein. The cat needs around 70 percent meat and if it does not get that amount then it could lead to some health complications.

What should be included in your cat’s diet?


The essential components of your cat’s diet should include:

Animal protein – This can be given to treat in the form of chicken or in the form of poultry like pork, beef or fish. The liver is an important part because it contains vitamin A so include it in your cat’s diet. Also, make sure that you include variety in your cat’s diet.

Animal fat- This makes the food tasty and also offers many health benefits. Kittens need more fat than adult fat.

Water-The homemade food for your kitty should be around 20 percent water weight.

Carbs – Carbohydrates are also an essential part of your cat’s diet.

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