How to Pack Clothes for Moving (7 Hacks to Try)

Clothes are often thought to be the easiest to pack because they can be just rolled up and stuffed into any bag, even a trash bag. While that must be your last resort, here are seven life hacks that make packing clothes so simple and efficient.

  1. Sort your clothes: save yourself some packing boxes and lot of unpacking by sorting the “wants” from “don’t want’s”. Now is a good opportunity to get rid of all the out of fashion clothes, torn jeans, and never-to-be-set-sight-on kinds.
  2. Pack in suitcases: Put all your designer wear and pricey stuff in suitcases and other bags that will be moved. In case you don’t have a suitcase put these clothes in dry-cleaning bags which come with thick plastic that prevents unnecessary crumpling of fabric.
  3. Wardrobe boxes: These are specialized cardboard boxes with metal rods. You can easily transfer all clothes along with the hangers into these boxes; this will prevent them from getting
  4. Roll them up: You can save on space when you roll all your clothes instead of folding them. This will also not crease the garments much and they will be ready to use in the new place.
  5. Vacuum seal: Put clothes and garments that are out of season in these vacuum sealed bags to save space and also protect them dust mites and other bugs.
  6. Pad up other goods: If you have a lot of crystal ware you can use your everyday clothes to pad these up; it will not only transport your clothes but also protect your curious and other such stuff.
  7. Moving week clothes: Finally keep all the clothes including undergarments that you will need in the first week of moving in a separate suitcase or bag picked up at visit Luxtime. This way as you set your house you will not waste time searching for essentials.

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