How To Get Rid Of Dry Indoor Air- 10 Clever Tips To Humidify Your Home

Every time the temperature goes down we have the natural response is that of cranking up the thermostat. This leads to dryness and we all know that dry warm air does feel good but has a harmful effect on the skin and hair and our entire system. We need to find an arrangement that helps to keep the home warm and humid at the same time.

  1. A great option is to wear more jackets and woolens and keep the temperatures lower at home.
  2. The clothes dryer absorbs the moisture from the house and therefore instead of using the dryer use a couple of clothes-lines to dry your clothes. These will moisten the air.
  3. Similarly, the dryer can be kept inside the house, as it will release warm moist air and keep the atmosphere inside the home moist.
  4. Best air purifiers will remove the dust and pollutants without affecting the air humidity. So use a good one.
  5. Keep the bathroom door open while showering as it will help to keep the steam the home.
  6. Keep some bowls of water around the house which will keep the air moist.
  7. Place some indoor plants around the house as these will eliminate the dryness with transpiration through leaves.
  8. Leave the tub full of water after bathing instead of emptying it out.
  9. Have tea instead of coffee as it is better for the skin and hair.
  10. You can try to install a small water body like a water fountain, inside the house if you can afford it. This will keep the air inside the house moist.

Drink more water and keep yourself hydrated, anyway as that is important for the body. Follow as many of these tips in combination with a humidifier if you want and your house will feel warm and cozy.

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