How to (Cleverly) Defend Your Home Against Intruders

I remember my neighbor who came over from the west coast. She kept telling me how the neighborhood that they stayed in was extremely unsafe. The house next to her had recently bought a mega flat screen with home theatre attachments and for one night alone they let the discarded empty box lie near their front door.

The next morning, their house was broken into. What was appalling was that the doorknob handle was so close to the glass pane that breaking into the house by smashing the glass and turning the knob from inside would have been a piece of cake for the burglar.

But who would have thought that they would strike?

Wherever in the world, you are, the first rule to not having your own house burgled is to show that you have nothing valuable inside. For instance, if the flat screen that costed a fortune was bought they should have considered trashing it the next morning or kept it in the attic till the time they could carry it to the recyclers themselves.

The pet entry door:

This is another thing that needs a lot of minds. The pet door can serve as an easy point of entry for someone who is breaking in. securing the door will mean lesser things to mind about.

Proper lighting:

The lawn and the gardens on then either side have to be well lit and no tall bushes or plants, please. These can make a convenient hiding place for the rogues who will wait for an opportune moment to strike; especially at unearthly hours.

Have you considered security alarms with motion sensors?

Burglar alarm Glasgow have come out with innovative ways to wake up the residents when they sense movement in the surveillance area. The alarm does not go off outside and so the intruders never know that it is working. Apart from this, the alarm is programmed not to go off but to continuously call on the registered mobile numbers.

The residents are woken and have enough time to call for help from inside the house while the rogues out there are still unaware.


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