Best Tools to Own – The Most Useful Tools to Have at Home

Any house should have some of the basic tools you may require on and off. Yes, you can always call the professionals as they are just a phone call away, but you will need to have some tools, just in case of emergency or small works that can be done by yourself.

You can invest in the following tools and even opt to go in for the best hand tool brands 2018 has to offer in these segments:

Scissors/ Blades

One of the most commonly used tools around the house. It is more like a domestic tool that is used only at homes and not for any serious repair works. However, having big size scissors and blade will come in handy in the least expected times. One cannot have a house without these essentials.


You may not intend to push some nails into the wall. However, a hammer can be used for a number of things and can serve as the extra heavy object you need at times. Keep this handy to drive nails into the walls. Fix walls and furniture that is coming apart in the corners, etc.

Power Drill

A power tool is compulsory and what better than a power drill. You can use this to hang photo frames and other items around the house. Have a small repair work with the furniture? Need to drive in some screws or pull them out? This tool is just what you will need.

Screw Driver

Everything comes with screws. Even if you need to change the battery in the toys, you will need a screwdriver. Your clock, your kitchen utensils that come lose at the handles, etc are all held together with screws. Have a full set with different sizes in one pack and it will be very useful.


In case of those emergency plumbing needs, you cannot wait around for a plumber to show up. It need not be in the middle of the night, even in the middle of the day, you may have to just close off the valve to save water and other things from water. Having this tool can be very handy.

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