The Best Tips: How to start teaching kids English at home

Kids start imitating their parents while they try to talk in their own language, it is such a joy watching then blabber in their own world of words and phrases. Teaching the kids English early in their childhood improves their sense of vocabulary and grammar. As most of the grammar sound alike, kids can learn while having fun that totally goes into their mind and registers deep in their brain well.

Tips to start English for Kids

  • keep the kids enthusiastic about learning a new alphabet or word, give them time to absorb it and keep encouraging them with funny sounds about each alphabet
  • have a routine to teach them every single day, and give them the time to enjoy and have fun with alphabets, numbers so that they pick it up gradually
  • read out loud, imitating the words and stress on the alphabets, you can always play the rhymes, songs in DVD so that they enjoy the music along while hearing
  • play fun games with kids, so that they develop their understanding, play action games, word games so that they spell and build on small words on their own
  • pick up vegetables and fruits to make them understand the alphabets and their spellings, that will help them greatly in school
  • Build up situations, tell them stories and ask them what that is? and you get an instant reply, reward them with goodies for correct answers
  • start with numbers, then alphabets and then colors, adjectives, slowly so that enough time is given for them to understand and repeat correctly, check out new cd’s at Doodlebuckets for the latest collection

Correct their grammar at a young age, so that they can correct themselves as they grow up and differentiate between the verbs, nouns and other pronunciations well.




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