The Best 10 Money Saving Tips ForStay-At-Home Moms

As a stay at home mom, you can contribute to the family income by saving money. Here are a few tips from Couponobox on how you can save money even when you stay at home

Limit the number of times you eat outside

If you look at the expense of eating outside, it is huge. So why not limit the number of times you eat outside at restaurants or order food. Instead, prepare food at home to save some money.


It is important that you write down every penny that you spend. This will let you understand what you are spending on and you will be able to stop spending on things that you do not need.

Toys for kids

The toys that you buy for your children are expensive. Instead, you could make many toys yourself at home using basic craft material. You could also look for many engaging ideas to keep your kids busy so that you do not have to spend on expensive toys.

Spend cash

Credit cards can let you overspend. It is thus best to spend with cash so that you have control over how much you are spending.

Use coupons

Coupons are a great way to save money on purchases, be it food or other household supplies. Make use of these coupons to save money.

Buy in bulk

When you go to the grocery store then buy in bulk. This will let you save on the bulk purchases and also let you save on the fuel cost.

Impulsive buy

Stay away from impulsive purchases.

Grow your own vegetables

You can grow your own vegetables at home. It does not need a lot of space and lets you save money.

Look for second-hand toys

If you have kids at home then you could look at the online market to buy second-hand books and toys for them.

Look for free activities

Instead of signing up for expensive classes you can make use of YouTube videos to do basic exercises or just go on a walk and save money on a costly gym membership.

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Home: Everything You Need to Know About Decorating

Decorating a home is fun. It is time to bring out the creativity in you and go make that house a home by adding your personal touches, ideas, needs, etc. Though is fun, it can be a complicated task too. Decorating a home is not as easy as doing it in a video game. Once you buy and place things around or paint the walls, there is no going back unless you are ready to spend more time and money on it. Hence it is always better to be careful and conscious of what you choose.

Here is what you need to know before you start decorating the house:


The colors you choose for your walls and the furniture color you choose will set the tone to your house. If you are going with a bright color, it is going to make your house stand out loud and if you are going with a sober color, it is going to make the house look sober. Sober colors need not to be dull or boring; they can be classy and stylish too.


Texture paints can add some personality to your walls. You can make them stand out without investing too much or putting in too much effort or alterations to the walls itself. if you are wondering about options and what else you can do, you can always refer to Hamtons exterior style guide.


You can highlight a few pieces of furniture or decorative items inside and outside the house. These need to be placed in prominent places, so that they catch the attention the minute a person walks into the room.


Furniture and items around the room can be matched with one another and the wall paint to have a seamless look about the room. If you are going in for a medieval theme, ensure all your furniture are in this theme, so that they look in sync and not like random things put together in one room.

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How to Pack Clothes for Moving (7 Hacks to Try)

Clothes are often thought to be the easiest to pack because they can be just rolled up and stuffed into any bag, even a trash bag. While that must be your last resort, here are seven life hacks that make packing clothes so simple and efficient.

  1. Sort your clothes: save yourself some packing boxes and lot of unpacking by sorting the “wants” from “don’t want’s”. Now is a good opportunity to get rid of all the out of fashion clothes, torn jeans, and never-to-be-set-sight-on kinds.
  2. Pack in suitcases: Put all your designer wear and pricey stuff in suitcases and other bags that will be moved. In case you don’t have a suitcase put these clothes in dry-cleaning bags which come with thick plastic that prevents unnecessary crumpling of fabric.
  3. Wardrobe boxes: These are specialized cardboard boxes with metal rods. You can easily transfer all clothes along with the hangers into these boxes; this will prevent them from getting
  4. Roll them up: You can save on space when you roll all your clothes instead of folding them. This will also not crease the garments much and they will be ready to use in the new place.
  5. Vacuum seal: Put clothes and garments that are out of season in these vacuum sealed bags to save space and also protect them dust mites and other bugs.
  6. Pad up other goods: If you have a lot of crystal ware you can use your everyday clothes to pad these up; it will not only transport your clothes but also protect your curious and other such stuff.
  7. Moving week clothes: Finally keep all the clothes including undergarments that you will need in the first week of moving in a separate suitcase or bag picked up at visit Luxtime. This way as you set your house you will not waste time searching for essentials.

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Top Tips to Creating the Perfect Bedroom

At the end of a tiring day, what we want is a comfortable and relaxed place to rest our aching muscles, home is the nest of comfort, joy, and happiness. In the hectic daily schedule, all we long for is our bedroom that should be simple and cozy enough to just fall back and relax, no loud noise, colors or harsh lighting that will affect our peaceful sleep.

Top Tips to create the Perfect Bedroom

  • use a bed that is comfortable and cozy, test the mattress before buying and also consider the room size so that it does occupy the entire bedroom, create the best bed with compartments while designing or buying the bed so that they have good storage space where bedding can be stored
  • if your bedroom is big enough to have a dresser, and a lot of additional drawers near or opposite the bed to store bedtime clothing
  • headboards are in vogue again, selecting the design and color of the headboard should be playful yet subtle to accommodate and enhance the comfort
  • lightning is very important when it comes to the bedroom, jarring and disco lights should be avoided, soft and bright light brings the extra uniqueness to the bedroom, choose from visit Luxtime the abstract lights, layered lighting are quite popular as they have tones of shades that can brighten and softened according to outside light exposure
  • a warm bath area to complete the bedtime shower adds the relaxing mood to the person, open and minimal designs are better than bright and intricate design work in bedrooms,
  • artworks, lamp shade and the cozy sit out a place to read the desired book and slip into peaceful slumber adds the zing in the bedroom
  • Bedding is another important aspect, soft and pastel shades work the best, keeping it natural fabric is the best way to stay connected with nature.


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Best Tools to Own – The Most Useful Tools to Have at Home

Any house should have some of the basic tools you may require on and off. Yes, you can always call the professionals as they are just a phone call away, but you will need to have some tools, just in case of emergency or small works that can be done by yourself.

You can invest in the following tools and even opt to go in for the best hand tool brands 2018 has to offer in these segments:

Scissors/ Blades

One of the most commonly used tools around the house. It is more like a domestic tool that is used only at homes and not for any serious repair works. However, having big size scissors and blade will come in handy in the least expected times. One cannot have a house without these essentials.


You may not intend to push some nails into the wall. However, a hammer can be used for a number of things and can serve as the extra heavy object you need at times. Keep this handy to drive nails into the walls. Fix walls and furniture that is coming apart in the corners, etc.

Power Drill

A power tool is compulsory and what better than a power drill. You can use this to hang photo frames and other items around the house. Have a small repair work with the furniture? Need to drive in some screws or pull them out? This tool is just what you will need.

Screw Driver

Everything comes with screws. Even if you need to change the battery in the toys, you will need a screwdriver. Your clock, your kitchen utensils that come lose at the handles, etc are all held together with screws. Have a full set with different sizes in one pack and it will be very useful.


In case of those emergency plumbing needs, you cannot wait around for a plumber to show up. It need not be in the middle of the night, even in the middle of the day, you may have to just close off the valve to save water and other things from water. Having this tool can be very handy.

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Easy Car Maintenance Tasks You Can Do on Your Own

Maintaining your car is important to ensure the safety of everyone who uses the car. It also helps prevent breakdowns and also helps tackle repairs at an early stage. And in the long run, a well-maintained car is one that fetches a good resale value as well.

Repair and replacement of windshield wipers

Windshield wipers might be the most ignored parts but these are the critical ones to offer a smooth ride. Only when the wiper system is good would you be able to ensure the best visibility at night and during the rainy season. Right from replacing the wiper fluids to doing small repairs on the wiper system there are many tasks that you can do yourself. Even getting a new set of wipers installed can be very easy and you can follow the video tutorials that are available on the internet to guide you in the process.

Filter cleaning and replacement

Cleaning and maintaining the filters is one of the most important activities that help improve the indoor air purity and also enhance the fuel efficiency of the car in the long run. If the filters do need a replacement to get it done on time to save larger expenses that might be caused due to poor quality filters.

Oil cleaning and refilling

Changing the oil once in a few thousand miles can help the car run smooth and safe. The oil changing procedure is very simple. Whether the oil has drained out and needs refilling or whether it is to completely replace the oil with a new one, these are tasks that you can easily handle by yourself.

Invest in good quality tools for your car repairs and maintenance activities. Car health monitoring on a regular basis would help cut down the maintenance costs and also save money on repairs. Visit Review Jam website to find useful reviews about tools and products for your auto maintenance routines.

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