Top 10 Structures That Could Help Us Build Civilizations on the Ocean

With industrialization and urbanization at a fast pace, vacant land continues to shrink.  It is high time to plan and build civilizations on the ocean.  Want to know the top 10 structures that could help us build civilizations on the ocean??  Read on!!

Underwater resorts and hotels:  Resorts and hotels can be built underwater.  This will boost up tourism.  Watching the sea life and colorful fishes will surely be a sought-after experience.

Artificial islands:  Artificial islands can be formed in the oceans to accommodate more people.  The location can be planned ideally near the coast of major cities.

Remodel oil rigs:  There are multiple abandoned oil rigs all over the world.  Why leave them all in a dilapidated condition.  Instead, they can be remodeled into hotels or homes.

Floating homes:  Floating homes can be constructed to enjoy sea life.  Another option would be to live on a Yacht.  One can have a large home in the form of mega yachts.  Check details of mega Yachts at 4Yacht.

Floating cities:  Floating cities help in removing too much congestion in cities.

Floating aqua research stations:  It will be useful to study sea life, the impact of pollution etc.   Corrective measures can be taken to save the world for future generations.

Underwater emergency centers:  Numerous travelers and merchant navy are under constant risk while on seas.  Underwater emergency centers can be used to hospitalize and treat them in case of medical emergencies.

Underwater safety bunkers:  This can be used along coastal areas to secure the borders of nations.

Floating space research center:  Sea provides an uninterrupted view of the sky.  Oceans are ideal for developing space research centers and observatories.

Learning hubs:   Learning hubs can be developed in oceans.  These will help the next generation to observe and understand marine life.…

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