Best Tips to Prepare Your Home for the Summer Months

Most people just tend to go to a vacation home for the summer instead, we instead decided that it was more economical to prepare our own home for the summer instead of going out and buying an expensive vacation home, we have even prepared this article here to give you some basic tips on how to prepare your home for the summer months instead of wasting money on purchasing an expensive summer home!

  • Inspect those air conditioners

Remove and clean the filters, get some pros to look at the main ventilation system, try to upgrade any systems that are too old to keep in service.

  • Wash those windows!

Many times, people don’t realize how dirty windows can become, windows need to be cleaned and taken care of, get some lime juice and water in a spray bottle, start spraying the windows with the liquid and get the scum and dirt off of them.

  • Make sure your carbon monoxide detectors are all working properly

Pull out any detectors that have not been low on battery, make sure they work well, test them and their sound volume.

  • Plan a schedule to water your garden

Get a schedule to go in each week and water the plants in your garden, water them at least once a week or more to make sure your plants are getting the required water and nutrients to survive and thrive.

  • Add some mulch to your garden

Make sure to add mulch to your garden to make sure it can retain moisture underneath the surface from the heat, it will definitely make your plants easier to grow during the summer time months.

  • Trim those branches

Get a cheap pole saw and start trimming the branches for excess leaves, we even have a review here:

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Simple Ideas to Keep Your Pet Safe at Home

You and your pet are inseparable, but there comes a time when you might have to part with it. For this kind of emergency, you need to be ready beforehand. Keeping your pet save is the most important thing. You would not like it to get hurt while you are away meeting a relative or on a short business trip.

You don’t have to worry a lot, we did come up with some simple yet effective ideas to keep your pet safe.

How to keep your Pet Safe at Home

Thundershirt: Many pets especially dogs don’t do well in a thunderstorm. They need constant attention and curdling. If your pet has the same problem, you need to buy a thundershirt. It is designed to soothe a stressed out dog during a thunderstorm.

Wearable Activity Tracker: Tracking your pal has become really easy now. Get a wearable activity tracker and tie it around their neck. The activity tracker can provide you information directly to your phone. The best part is that it has a GPS tracker, so you would exactly know where your pet is all the time.

Stylish Puppy Gates: There are certain places that are off-limits when you are not around. We highly doubt that a pet would understand that. Get yourself a stylish puppy gate, it will provide you the required protection, adding a sense of style and ensure your dog’s security.

InvisibleDog Fence: Invisible dog fence are the best way to keep your dog out of trouble. When your pet gets too near the wire or the boundary that you have established, the invisible fence sends a static warning, an audio alert or combination of both to warn him of the danger ahead. Before you decide to buy the invisible dog fence, you should check out the best invisible dog fence reviews. They will be able to guide you in making the right decision.…

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What To Do When Your Bored

Too bored at home? Having a lot of time at hand but don’t know what to do? Here are a few things to do when bored:

Cleaning – One can never clean the house enough. If you are a very clean person who is used to keeping the house in top condition at all times, you can try reorganizing. This will keep you occupied for a long time and will also help you create a fresh space around you. Even a small change around us can make staying at home more bearable.

Paint – Try painting your house or some of the walls. Though this is a messy affair that can consume a lot of time, it is a very rewarding experience. Not only will you learn to paint well like a professional, but you will be saving a lot of money on painters too. In the process, you get a house with new walls, which can make the house itself look like its new.

Craft – One can start some craft project and make something interesting. It can be a small painting you can hang up on your wall or something unique and attractive. There are a number of DIY tutorials online that help you find something out of the ordinary to do and keep the boredom away.

Electrical – Change those bulbs that gave way a long time ago. Though you have sufficient lighting around you, having a fused bulb or a spot not well lit in the house can make the entire place look like it has not been maintained well enough.

You can even buy some interesting lights and add life to the room. A small change such as a new lamp is enough to change the way a room looks. These need not be expensive and elaborate. Something very simple and pocket-friendly can be a valuable addition to your space.…

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